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Why choose The Art of Aesthetics Center

Tristah, NP, boasts over five years of experience in the aesthetics industry, establishing her own thriving med spa in late 2019.

Her impressive training background in education includes:

– A minor in adult education during her undergraduate studies.
– Training in clinical informatics for a prominent healthcare agency.
– Experience in training and precepting NP students.
– Serving as a formal academic instructor at Alverno College.
– Acting as a Clinical Instructor for both Marquette University and Carthage College.
– Conducting onboarding and comprehensive training for numerous aesthetic providers.

Tristah’s expertise spans a wide range of treatments, including neurotoxins, dermal fillers, bio-stimulators like Sculptra, lasers, peels, medical skincare, and more!

She has personally trained with industry luminaries such as Dr. Shino Bay, Dr. Doan, Dr. Swift and Dr. Cotofana as well as engaged in virtual training sessions with respected experts like Dr. Cotofana, Dr. Van Eijk, Julie Horne, and many others.

With a dedication to ongoing education, Tristah has invested countless hours in further honing her skills. Known for her meticulous attention to detail, Tristah’s work speaks volumes for her dedication and proficiency.

Tristah, NP, through the Art of Aesthetics Center, LLC is committed to raising the bar by setting new standards in aesthetics education. This involves establishing a strong foundation in aesthetics, nurturing the development of high-quality injectors, and fostering a safer injecting community through the sharing of knowledge and practical experience. 

Private Training

What offer private training? 

Our private training option offers unique advantages:

1. Convenience: Tristah NP will travel to your clinic, bringing the training directly to your staff. This convenience means you can have multiple team members trained in a single session.

2.On-the-Job Practice: This is a comprehensive 6-8hour training program that allows learners to practice within their familiar work environment, ensuring they are well-prepared for real-world scenarios.

3. Customization: Tristah, NP can tailor the training to meet the specific needs and skill levels of your staff, focusing on the services they require most.

4. Post-Training Support: As an added benefit, Tristah offers a 30-minute follow-up video chat to address any additional questions or concerns after the training.

This private training option is designed to maximize convenience, effectiveness, and ongoing support for your team. 


Why Choose Our Mentorship Program?

Our mentorship program offers a unique learning opportunity, providing an extensive learning experience that far exceeds the benefits of a single-day training session. It spans over three-plus months and includes a blend of didactic learning, shadowing, and hands-on practice, followed by an additional six months of post-clinical support.  In total, tier one of this program offers more than 30 hours and tier two of this program offers more than 50 hours of comprehensive aesthetic training.

Here’s why you should consider our program:
Comprehensive Learning: You’ll have the chance to see, hear, feel, and assess aesthetic procedures under the guidance of an experienced injector.

Skill Development: By the end of the program, you’ll have a substantial number of practice hours and an enhanced injection skill set, which can be a valuable addition to your resume, making you more marketable in the aesthetics industry.

Eligibility: To enroll in this program, candidates must have completed a prerequisite. They must have successfully completed a seasoned introductory neurotoxin and dermal filler course before becoming eligible.

This program not only provides in-depth knowledge but also equips learners with practical skills and makes them more competitive in the aesthetics field.


Why is shadowing offered and important?

Shadowing is a crucial component of our program for several reasons. It provides learners with extended opportunities to:

1. Observe and Absorb: Shadowing allows learners to spend more time observing consultations, assessments, treatment planning, and injection techniques. This extended exposure is invaluable in the learning process.

2. Diverse Client Exposure: Learners get the chance to witness a wide range of client types, including different skin types, ages, and various client concerns. This diversity of experiences is essential for skill development.

3. In-Depth Learning: Shadowing under an experienced injector offers a unique opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and insights, going beyond what can be taught in a classroom setting.

To be eligible for this shadowing opportunity, learners must have completed an introductory neurotoxin and dermal filler course as a prerequisite. 

Each course offering / level will include but not limited to:

  • Small class sizes
  • H&P
  • Contraindications/ precautions 
  • Consent forms
  • Assessment/ aging process
  • Facial Anatomy 
  • On and off label uses 
  • Rheology
  • Photography
  • Safety
  • Common complications
  • Complication management
  • Helpful research articles
  • Access to training videos
  • Certificate of completion
  • & more, plus of course, lunch!